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If You Thought That Raising Chickens At Home, In Your Own Back Yard - In The City or Suburbs - Wasn't Possible Then Think Again...


"Raising Chickens At Home In Your Own Back Yard - in the city or suburbs is becoming more and more popular every day!"

-Martin Ashway, Backyard Chicken Raising Expert and Author of - "Incredible Chickens!"

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  • How To Tell If Your Baby Chicks Are Male Or Female!

  • What You Need To Know About Caring For New Baby Chicks!

  • The Secret To Getting Chickens To Respond To Your Voice!

  • How You Can Train And Keep Chickens As Pets!

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  • Little Known Tips About Chicken Health, Care, Exercise, and Handling!

  • Chicken Coop Design; Where To Find Inexpensive or Free Chicken Coop Plans!

  • Why Limited Space Is No Obstacle To Raising Chickens At Home!

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Important Reasons People Are Raising Chickens At Home: 

bullet For Fresh EggsThe best you’ve ever had!  They’re a natural, healthy source of  protein. And guess what?  You don’t need a Rooster for a Hen to produce eggs!

For MeatHome raised chickens are an excellent source of low fat protein. Chickens that are grown in a natural environment and allowed to "free range" are much higher in Omega 3 fatty acids (healthy fats) than commercially grown chickens.


Drug Free...Are you concerned about the effects of drugs in the food supply? You can raise your chickens free of drugs like antibiotics.

bullet Insect Control and FertilizerChickens like to eat bugs and their manure makes great fertilizer.
bullet For Exhibition or as Family PetsWhat’s not to like about a chicken! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, many with beautiful, exotic plumage.  They're a relaxing distraction from the hustle and bustle of every day life.
bullet Save the PlanetBackyard Chickens are a sustainable and local food source that educates young and old, encourages responsibility for our planet and helps us reduce our carbon footprints in these days of heightened ecological awareness.
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Love your tips and good common sense.

Thanks again for putting out the excellent material on your news

Kathy  USA

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"Hi Martin,

I signed up for this newsletter because I wanted to learn how to raise chickens but I had so much trouble finding good information. I had no clue how to begin.  Your free tips on starting out have been a great help, Thank You!"

Gloria Z. New Mexico

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I just wanted to say how much I like your newsletter.  I've only been raising chickens (silkies) for about a year now and your home remedy tips have come in real handy; I found some cheap chicken coop plans too. I wasn't sure about signing up but I'm glad I did because the tips have been good ones that I can use all the time.  Take care."

Randy S. and the Silkies - USA

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I really do enjoy getting your tips.  I'm very glad I signed up because your e-mails on keeping chickens pest free were very helpful. I used the natural method you mentioned on my two hens and it worked like a charm. Thanks again."

Didi in Seattle:)

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I love your newsletters.  I got your book too.  I am new at "computering" so it may take me some time but I will get there.  In the meantime keep the newsletters coming  Thanks." 

Ann Marie  USA

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Learn The Secrets, Tips and Tricks To Raising  Chickens At Home, In Your Back Yard,  In The City Or Suburbs Today!



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Click Here To Get Your Free Incredible Chickens Newsletter Now!


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